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Visit India and be prepared for the trip and experience of a lifetime. The Indian sub-continent is a land of deep colors, mysticism and a diverse cultural heritage that can leave travelers breathless, in awe and bewitched. Visit India to have every sense assaulted in every way imaginable from the delectable aromas of spicy street food to open sewers, from sights from the most beauteous to the horrific, from sounds as sweet as a softly plucked zither to the incessant cacophony of honking traffic horns. No longer just a domain of backpackers or those seeking spiritual enlightenment, visit India for a world of audio and visual memories that will last with you forever. Here’s the Top 10 Places to Visit in India:

1 Agra

AgraOf all the places in India to visit, Agra is at the top of many people’s lists. Agra is home to the Taj Mahal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is easily one of the iconic sights in India and instantly recognizable. The white marble mausoleum is one of the world’s most beautiful and romantic buildings and stands as a symbol of eternal love. The Agra Fort, is also worth a visit when in the city, as is Akbar’s Tomb.

2 Puducherry

PuducherryThere’s a calm, peaceful vibe to Puducherry (Pondicherry) in southern India. There’s a long lasting colonial feel here but unlike across the most of the country where it is undeniably British, here the major influence is French. There’s a mass of stunning buildings, churches, temples and statues but there’s also the added bonus of the beaches for Puducherry is a coastal city. The Gallic heritage extends to some brilliant restaurants and hotels too so for an interesting culinary experience, this is one of the places in India to put on your must visit list.

3 Auroville

AurovilleIf you’re touring and close to Puducherry, make a detour to Auroville. If you’re doing a voyage of self discovery a la Julia Roberts, it’s probably already on your places in India to visit. Auroville is a concept township, a community of universal humanity where people of many nationalities live together in peace and harmony. At its heart surrounded by pristine gardens is the symbol of Auroville, a huge gold colored dome called the Matrimandir; a true sight to behold.

4 Darjeeling

DarjeelingIf you think of the sub-continent as a dry scrub and desert land, Darjeeling is one of the places in India that will disabuse you of this. Darjeeling lies in a lush verdant valley full of plantations producing the eponymous tea. A truly gorgeous place where the climate is more tolerable to Westerners, Darjeeling is one of the few attractions of India in the east side of this massive country.

5 Goa

GoaGoa is the original hippy destination. The smallest state was once the quintessential reason for everyone to visit India as it embodied everything the spiritualist was seeking. Today the tie dye and bangles brigade still has a home here but Goa has also become India’s party capital. The lure of the stunning tropical beaches means Goa retains its status as one of the top places to visit in India.

6 Mumbai

MumbaiIt would be a travesty to visit India and not take in one of the teeming cities. Every facet of human life, good and bad, is to be found in the amazing city of Mumbai – once known to the world as Bombay. Mumbai is visually impressive and is an eclectic mix of colonial and metropolitan with a good dose of shanty town slum thrown in. Mumbai is a must visit for every film buff as it was the birthplace of the Indian cinema and the world’s largest IMAX cinema is here. Shopping’s a pretty worthwhile pastime here – check out the bustling bazaars bursting with color and character or opt for the sanitized environment of a modern mall.

7 Kodiakanal Lake

Kodiakanal LakeSee a different side of India at Kodiakanal. Translated the name means ‘gift of the forest’ and it’s truly fitting. The star-shaped lake is man-made and sits in the impressively scenic Ghat Mountains. Here, the wooden slopes, rocky outcrops and waterfalls provide a gorgeous backdrop to activities like hiking, horse riding or cycling. Don’t miss Coaker’s Walk nor the botanical gardens. If you want places to visit in India to enjoy the great outdoors, this where to go.

8 Gingee

GingeeAmong the thousands of small Indian villages Gingee doesn’t stand out as anything remarkable but what’s nearby is. Above the village, set upon three incredibly massive stone hills is the outstandingly awesome Gingee Fort. If you can stomach a 900 foot climb to the summit, visit the very interesting 13th century buildings but, it’s the views that will take your breath away.

9 The Kerala Backwaters

The Kerala BackwatersKerala is popular with tourists and indeed, the backwaters are one of the top attractions of India. It’s a chain of lakes intertwined with lagoons on the coast of the Arabian Sea peppered with small villages and houseboat communities. For a vacation home with a difference, houseboats are available to rent. Get to the Kuttanad area of Alappuzha to the boat races and join thousands of fans cheering on their favorite teams among the snake boats powered by up to 100 oarsmen.

10 Shimla

ShimlaYou really can’t go to northern India and not visit the Himalayas, the mountain range that has beguiled man for centuries. In the north-west of the range you’ll find Shimla, deservedly another of the best places to visit in India. It’s a hill town of neo-gothic buildings in the forest with a rich colonial past. Tourists come for the unusual look of Shimla, its amazing views and ‘The Mall’; the main shopping street and town hub. Whilst here, visit Jakhu Hill to see playful monkeys and the Christ Church, which is the second oldest church in northern India and has some very distinctive stained glass windows.

That was quick rundown of just some of the top places to visit in India. This country has a mass of interest for any tourist and everyone, just once in a lifetime, needs to visit this incredible place.

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